Why You Should Let a Professional Handle Your IT or How professional IT support will improve your business profits

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Why You Should Let a Professional Handle Your IT
How professional IT support will improve your business profits

By Nigel A. Onamade

Managing your medical or dental practice’s IT infrastructure yourself is not only risky, it can end up costing you in the long term. Find out what successful GPs and dentists in Perth do instead.

Running a medical or dental practice is an exciting but busy career. With so many expenses involved, it can be tempting to try to take over IT management yourself or get one of your staff to be responsible for computer issues.

However, by outsourcing your IT to a team of experts, you will actually be able to save time and create a more profitable clinic.

Here’s why you should let a professional handle your IT, and why doing so will help you grow your business.

Reason #1: IT is complicated

These days there are so many software solutions, online tools and devices which make running a business easier. Unfortunately, the more tools you have, the more challenging it becomes to make sure all your devices and platforms play well with each other.

All problems can usually be figured out… eventually. But you risk you or a team member losing half a day of productivity to get to the answer when something goes wrong. A managed IT provider is often able to fix computer or software problems with just a few mouse clicks, meaning you and your team are free to focus on your patients.

Just as you wouldn’t recommend your patients stitch their own wounds, it makes sense for your Perth dental practice or Perth doctor’s clinic to leave IT to the experts.

Reason #2: IT is constantly changing

Innovation in IT and the online realm is happening faster than ever. What works perfectly now may become obsolete tomorrow. What’s more, there are new solutions being made available every week which can help your business save time and money.

The biggest problem for Perth dental and medical clinics is knowing which solutions to invest in. Then there’s the challenge of getting started and learning new systems.

This is where a managed IT solution like PC Health Desk comes in. With a focus on medical and dental practices across Perth, we will do all the necessary research on the best tools for your business. With our help, you can be sure you’re only getting the best IT tools for your business.

Reason #3: IT security is a real issue for Perth medical and dental clinics

Did you know cyber attacks happen every 10 minutes? If you’re not equipped to defend your business, you are at risk of losing thousands in funds and productivity.

Establishing good IT security isn’t brain surgery but it is incredibly important. Without the right systems in place, and without regular updates, you are risking your data and your clients’ very sensitive information.

A cyber attack can have a devasting impact on your finances and your reputation. By outsourcing to an experienced managed IT provider, your business is protected and can focus on growing its customer base.

Reason #4: A better patient experience

Patients expect a seamless, quick experience. Your IT professional can help ensure you provide fast, effective service when it comes to payment options, phone calls and online bookings.

Nowadays it’s not enough to provide quality treatment. Your patients are looking for lovely premises, welcoming support staff and simplified options for booking and payment. They don’t want to be kept waiting and they are placing their absolute trust in you when it comes to storing their personal details securely.

By getting the technology side of your business right, you are more likely to attract repeat business and clients through word of mouth. As a result, you have fewer unclaimed appointments and more cash in the bank.

Things to look for in a managed IT services provider

Now you understand how managed IT can help your business save time and make more money, how exactly do you choose a service provider to partner with?

Here are five questions to ask before choosing a managed IT provider:

1. Is this Perth IT provider able to provide me with end-to-end solutions so I don’t have to waste time talking to different people?

2. Does this provider have a proven track record and a number of other clients in my industry?

3. Does this managed IT provider consist of actual experts in the field?

4. Does this provider provide top-notch customer support?

5. Can they provide support remotely if necessary?

The good news is PC Health Desk definitely answers ‘Yes’ to all these questions. We work with medical and dental clinics across Perth, providing IT services and solutions to make running your business easier and more profitable.

Leave IT to the experts so you can focus on serving your clients. Book a free consultation with PC Health Desk today!

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